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How to Monetize Your Facebook Page



There are people out there who grow Facebook pages for the sake of having them. I’ve seen dozens that center themselves around a concept and grow into something larger.

If you have a Facebook page with some level of following, with or without a website attached, there are a lot of ways to make money. Frankly, it’s easier to start with a Facebook page and build a monetized site than it is to start a site and try to build a Facebook following from it.

Here are our tips to adapt your Facebook page:

  1. Streamline Your Site for Mobile Devices

More than half of the traffic that peruses Facebook consistently is versatile traffic, which is the reason it is imperative to the point that if your Facebook connects to an outside site that it is improved for portable. On the off chance that you can gain by a portable crowd, you can discover a lot of progress.

Probably the most ideal way of guaranteeing that your traffic from Facebook stays on your site and converts is to have a responsive site. This implies that regardless gadget a client is on your site changes and gives the best client experience.

  1. Sell Digital Content Directly

The primary choice to adapt your Facebook page is ostensibly the simplest. The most straightforward illustration of this is really simple to portray. Advancing an eBook on your Facebook page is an incredible way of keeping your crowd drew in and associate across your different sites.

In the event that you have a lot of content to disseminate, Facebook makes an incredible stage to sell your products. Digital books are simple since Amazon and Barnes and Noble both have dissemination stages which you can exploit and best of all, Facebook incorporates effectively with most outer stage.

  1. Send Traffic to Affiliate Marketing Sites

This is another choice you can use to bring in cash by publicizing on Facebook, yet you should be a piece of a partner organization. In case you are powerful, joining a partner organization ought not be an issue. Being able to contact a many individuals is exceptionally gainful and many brands will pay heed. When you are a piece of a partner organization, simply posting a connection will be sufficient to acquire attribution for your commitment. This is exceptionally simple to set up and use, numerous frameworks have inherent following accessible. Many brands have associate organizations set up which they use to deal with their partners and track the deals or traffic you can drive.

  1. Sell Products through a Facebook App Store

Facebook applications have fallen to some degree over the most recent couple of years. They’ve been gradually dropped further and further down the sidebar and there’s not as much room up top for them as there used to be.

This shouldn’t imply that you can’t in any case utilize them. You should simply set up one of the numerous Facebook trade applications. Pick one and use it.

  1. Sell Products through a Website

Precisely the same idea as above can be applied to setting up your own retail facade. You have two choices for this; you can either set up a facilitated arrangement, or you can utilize a web based business framework. The last is more costly however much more adaptable and better for SEO over the long haul.

Advance items and connection your crowd to the item page, something like that. Paid advertisements will help a ton here, on the grounds that there’s not of slack with advancing natural posts.

  1. Advance Products with Exclusive Facebook Offers

In case you’re selling items, you can accomplish something other than post “hello, have you see X item? It’s cool you should get it.” You can boost the traffic and changes. You should simply run offers. The natural method of running offers is to straightforward make the proposal temporarily on your site and advance it on Facebook. The elective strategy is to utilize the advertisements framework on Facebook to run offers. Possibly one will work, or you can utilize both assuming you need.

  1. Sell Products through a Third Party Service

You can plan and sell items without doing any of the item fabricating, transporting, stock, upkeep, or whatever else. In case you are an imaginative, one model is to start putting your craft on different items and selling it. There are different destinations which permit you to make effectively print shirts, telephone cases, or socks and sell them. It’s quite straightforward and it’s a course that a ton of midrange Facebook pages take.

  1. Advance a Local Event with Your Vendor Presence

On the off chance that your Facebook page is engaged around a geographic area, it will be an incredible open door for you to draw in with and acquire outside brands and organizations to engage with your image. You can drive a benefit in a couple of various ways from this. One of them is to set up your very own seller at the neighborhood occasion you’re advancing so that by advancing the occasion, you’re additionally advancing yourself. Get more individuals to go to the occasion, and more individuals will see you there, bringing about more deals.

  1. Sell Your Services Growing a Page

So you’ve grown a Facebook page to its present level, and you’re making some measure of progress. Others might want to arrive at that achievement. It’s an ideal opportunity to share your abilities. You can sell an assistance where you review a game plan. You can come in and oversee things at a continuous cost in case you are fruitful there are numerous choices to make others effective.

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How to check password in Google Chrome ?




Did you all know that? When you all forget the password you used. Do not worry, if you use a browser called Google Chrome, we can find it.​ But you also need to make sure you save it when you created it.

First, open Google Chrome

Left click like an arrow in the picture

click on Settings

go to Auto-Fill

Click on Passwords

As you can see in the image above, you can see the password stored in the browser. So, if you are not very good at remembering, you can all save in Browser. But we must make sure that only you use it.

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How to make my Facebook password Strong ?




If you see a message letting you know that the password you have entered isn’t strong enough, try mixing together uppercase and lowercase letters. You can also make the password more complex by making it longer with a phrase or series of words that you can easily remember, but no one else knows.

When you create a new password, bear in mind:

  • Your password should be easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.
  • Your Facebook password should be different to the passwords you use to log in to other accounts, such as your email or bank account.
  • Longer passwords are usually more secure.
  • Your password should not be your email address, phone number or date of birth.

Why am I being asked to add my mobile phone number to my account ?

We may use your mobile phone number for purposes such as:

Learn more about how Facebook uses your phone number or email address in our Data Policy. You may see a number suggested for you when we ask you to add your mobile phone number. It will only be added to your account if you choose to add it.
We may suggest a mobile number for you based on information that we receive from sources such as:

  • Your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Contact info provided by others on Facebook.
  • A mobile number that you entered previously but didn’t confirm.

Note: Once you’ve confirmed your phone number, you can adjust notification settings and control who can see your contact info. You can also remove a mobile phone number from your account at any time.

What’s the difference between my Facebook and profile ?

Your Facebook account

You have to create a Facebook account in order to use Facebook. Your account is where you’ll:

  • Enter information about yourself such as the name you go by in everyday life, email address, mobile phone number, date of birth and gender. You may be asked to confirm that this name is the name you’re known by. Learn more about names on Facebook.
  • Create a password to log in to your account and access your main profile.

Your main profile

Your main profile is the profile that you create when you sign up for a Facebook account. Your main profile is required and can only be deleted if you delete your Facebook account. This profile represents you on Facebook and is a place where you can share information about yourself (e.g. your interests, photos, videos, current town/city and home town). It’s also where you’ll:

  • Use the name that you go by in everyday life.
  • Access certain features such as Facebook Dating or Messenger Kids.
  • Upload your mobile contacts.
  • Manage certain settings such as how people can find and contact you using your contact information.
  • Access Pages that you manage as an admin.
  • Manage your account settings such as:
    • Account information: Your contact information, language preferences, payment information and other general information about your account.
    • Security: Login information, apps and websites connected to your account and off-Facebook activity.
    • Ads: Ad preferences to control how data influences the ads that you see.

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How to create facebook account ?




You should be somewhere around 13 years of age to pursue or utilize Facebook. We require a birth date to realize that it’s safe for players under 18 to join (counting kids utilizing their folks’ records). Assuming you’re younger than 13, your parent or gatekeeper should make the record.

To create a Facebook account:

1-Go to and click Create new account.

2-Enter your name, email address or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender.

3-Click Sign Up.

4-To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email address or mobile phone number.

If you’re having problem creating a Facebook account:To let us know about the problem you’re experiencing while creating a Facebook account, you can fill in this form.
If you’re having problems logging in:

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