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How To join Level up Facebook Gaming



Join Level Up

Take your stream, community and earning potential to new heights with the Level Up program.

Why Level Up?

Monetization : Unlock monetization tools including Facebook Stars, Fan Subscriptions and in-stream ads

Audience growth: Access tools that help grow your audience, and give fans more ways to show their support

Exclusive access : Get invited to our Community Group and join other program members to access customized support and access to 1080p 60fps Live Streaming

Can I join Level Up?

You are eligible for the Level Up program if you:

1-Create a Gaming Video Creator Page that has been active for at least 14 days, with an admin who is 18 or older

2-Have at least 100 followers on their Page

3-Stream gaming content, with game tagged, for at least 4 hours across 2 of the preceding 14 days (only tag a game if you will be playing it, or it may impact your eligibility) Level Up is only available in the regions listed here. Program participants must adhere to our community standards and our Partner Monetization Policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What countries is the Level Up program available in? When will Level Up be available in my region?

Click here for a complete list of countries where Level Up is available. We are slowly rolling out the Level Up program globally; so, if you do not see your country listed, sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our latest announcements, and get notified when it is available.

2. I’ve been streaming the hours required to apply to Level Up, but the checkmark is still grayed out. When will it get checked?

We check eligibility daily. If it is still greyed out, then you have not met the requirements yet.

3. How do I get reinstated to the Level Up program after losing access?

Once you meet all eligibility criteria again, the option to rejoin the program will appear.

4. How do I meet the community and Partner Monetization Policies?

Make sure you read through our community standards and Partner Monetization Policies to ensure that you’re following the guidelines we have in place.

5. How long does my page need to be active before I qualify?

Approximately 14 days.


  1. When do I get paid for Stars?

We only send payments when your total balance reaches at least $100 USD or 10,000 Stars. Read this article for more information about Stars payout.

2. What is the revenue share for Facebook Stars?

Qualifying Gaming Video Creators may be eligible to receive $0.01 USD per Star. On desktop, the maximum share to Facebook is 30% for the smallest packs and 5% for the largest. For example, on desktop, 100 Stars are sold for $1.40. A Creator gets 1 cent per star, so we pay out $1.00 to creators and keep $0.40 (30%). As star packs increase, creators receive a higher percentage of the revenue share. Creators receive the same revenue share for Stars earned, whether on mobile or desktop. On mobile, in-app billing terms from each platform apply to all purchases. In order to maintain the consistency of 1 cent per Star for creators, we price Star packs slightly higher to account for the mobile platform revenue share.

3. Any additional perks planned for users who give creators Stars?

Yes! We’ve received a lot of great feedback from Gaming Video Creators and fans on additional features for Facebook Stars. We have several things in the works. For example, we plan to start testing badges soon for fans that send Stars during live streams. Many of the features being contemplated are designed to offer ways for creators to reward and recognize fans (and vice versa).

4. How does cashing out work for creators, and do they have to hit a certain threshold of Stars before they can cash out?

The minimum threshold for creators to cash out is $100 or the Star equivalent. Creators set up a payment account and can receive payments via ACH or PayPal. Payout is net 30, which means 30 days after the month ends. Stars earned in April will typically be paid out in early June.

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Facebook Gaming

How to create a Facebook Page?




Pages are for organizations, brands, associations and well known individuals to share their accounts and interface with individuals. Like profiles, Pages can be altered with stories, occasions and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Individuals who like or follow a Page can get refreshes in News Feed.To make a Page:

1- Go to

2-Click to choose a Category.

3-Fill out the required information.

4-Click Create Page.

5-Add an optional profile or cover photo, then click Save.

Note: Anyone can create a Page, but only official representatives can create a Page for an organization, business, brand or public figure.

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Facebook Gaming

How to Become a Facebook Gaming Partner




What is a Facebook Gaming Partner?

A Facebook Gaming Partner is someone who has “surpassed” the Level Up program by being “discovered” by Facebook. There are no set milestones for becoming a partner other than being in the Level Up program and continually streaming valuable content to your community.


The Partner Program brings Level Up streamers to the next step in their monetization path, offers additional support, provides early access invites and other exclusive benefits available for our Partners only. The program is designed to help streamers turn live streaming into a career and grow their communities at Facebook Gaming.

Facebook Gaming Partner Requirements

  • Be in the Level Up Program
  • Continually produce good content

As of this writing, there is no way to apply to become a Facebook Gaming partner. Instead, you have to wait until Facebook reaches out to you. 

Join the Level Up Program 

The “Level Up Program” is a similar equivalent to “Twitch’s Affiliate Program,” in that it is an entry point to becoming partnered with Facebook Gaming. As a member of the Level Up program, you will become eligible to unlock Facebook stars, giving your followers and fans the opportunity to support you financially. 

To join Facebook Gaming’s Level Up program, you need to first complete the following milestones:

  • Create a “Gaming Video Creator” page or converting a current Facebook page into a creator page
  • Stream at least 4 hours over at least 2 days within the last two weeks
  • 100 followers or more on the Gaming page
  • Gaming page must be active for at least 30 days

To see if you are eligible for the program, you can visit your streamer page. Once you have reached every milestone, you will have the opportunity to apply by pressing the button. 

Must Be Discovered By Facebook

How can you be discovered by Facebook? While there is no guaranteed formula, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances:

  • Network with other Facebook Gaming partners
  • Build a stream community
  • Create content that reaches a broad audience

Network With Other Facebook Gaming Partners

Network with other Facebook Gaming streamers, especially those who stream in your region or country. If you can make friends with someone who is already partnered, ask them for advice and if they can see where you can improve to become more discoverable. 

Build a Stream Community

As with any corporation, Facebook recognizes numbers and if you have a large active community, they may notice your faster. Note that the quality of your content and posts, as well as your user interaction, will come in to play. If they see you consistently building up their brand, they will be more likely to invest time into yours.

Create Quality Content for a Broad Audience

Look outside of building your Facebook Gaming channel. Build social accounts or a YouTube Channel that points back to your Facebook Gaming channel. Anything that can attract new users to the platform.

On stream, create content that draws in your audience and keep them engaged. Use quality graphics, such as overlays for Facebook Gaming, to show that you are running a professional channel.

Strategies to Become a Facebook Gaming Partner

Here are some strategies you can use to build your community, brand, and content to increase your chances of being noticed by Facebook:

Follow Facebook’s Guidelines

Make sure to follow Facebook’s Guidelines. If you are breaking any of Facebook’s terms, it is very unlikely that you will ever reach partnership status. Take the time to read through the guidelines and familiarize with what you can or cannot do. 

One of the most important rules across all streaming platforms is what music you play on stream. You must play royalty free music on Facebook Gaming to ensure you don’t get his with DMCA strikes or take-downs. Fortunately, there are a few places online where you can easily access free-to-use tunes.

One of the best platforms for copyright-free music is Epidemic Sound. They have a vast library of over 30,000 songs in a wide selection of genres that you can use on Facebook Gaming, YouTube, and Instagram. They also have a free 30-day trial so that you can test-drive their program.

With Epidemic Sound, you never have to worry about strikes on your account. In fact, even if you leave the platform, they won’t make a claim for anything posted while the account was active.

Entertaining and/or Educational Content

As with any platform, the way to grow and maintain a community is to continually provide entertaining and/or educational content. While you might be able to be a good gamer and get followers without being entertaining, you can build a following off solid entertainment even if you are a mediocre gamer. 

Both the gaming and the streaming industry is continually growing. New broadcasters build a channel on a daily basis. You need to keep up with the trends and find ways to stand out. Try cosplay or do a persona, but keep it natural. If you can’t pull it off, people will see you as a try-hard. 

Focus on Your Audience

Spend your time building stronger content, networking, and having fun. If your excitement is genuine, it will be contagious and people will want to be a part of your community. Continually connect with your viewers while you play by interacting with them and responding to their comments. 

Over time, you will build a community. People will start to interact with you and each other as though you are all old friends. This will not happen without you making the decision to treat them as part of your friend-circle. 

Turn off your viewer count so that your focus is on the people, not the numbers. If your focus is in the right place, both will grow over time. 

Have a Stream Schedule

Set up a stream schedule and stick to it. If your followers know what time you stream on a daily basis, they will be more likely to show up. If you stream a variety of things, make sure that you clearly state what each stream will cover so that people can tune in for the content that they want. 

Facebook Gaming Partner Salary

Facebook pays its Facebook Gaming partners $.01 USD for every star that is donated to them from their viewers. Streamers can also earn when a viewer supports the channel by subscribing to it for $4.99 per month. The payout will come 30-60 days after the streamer has reached a payout of $100 USD. 

While there are a few ways that Facebook Gaming Partners get paid, we will focus on stars, subscriptions, and sponsorships. 

Get Paid With Stars

Stars are the on-platform currency of Facebook Gaming. They can be purchased by viewers and donated to the streamer of their choice. 

Both Facebook Gaming partners and streamers in the Level Up Program have the opportunity to earn and redeem Stars. Broadcasters earn $.01 per each star and can redeem them once they have earned 10,000 or more stars. 

This is the most common way for viewers to donate to streamers, though they can also donate through a third-party platform that the streamer sets up. 


Your followers can also support your channel through subscribing to it. In order to do that, they will need to hit the “Become a Supporter” button on your Facebook page or the link underneath your screen. You will earn a percentage of the $4.99 they pay each month. 


Streamers make money typically through sponsorships and Affiliate deals. The goal is that you need to wait for the right company or product to come along. Don’t agree to any sponsorship that you don’t feel comfortable with. Talk to other streamers about their experiences with a particular sponsor to help you decide whether or not to work with them. 

You can also set up affiliates with many different products. If one of your viewers buys a product through your link, you will earn a percentage of the sale. 

How Does Facebook Pay You?

When you join the Level Up Program, you will have the opportunity to earn Stars from your viewers. When you reach the payment threshold of $100 (USD) or 10,000 stars, Facebook will pay you the following month (or in two months depending on where you are located in the world). 

In order for Facebook to pay you, you must set up your payout settings in your creator studio. Click on “Monetization” in the left-hand column, then choose “Payout Settings” from the menu that appears beneath the tab. 

If you aren’t receiving your payouts, you can check “Monetization with Facebook” to see where your metrics lie. There may be something preventing them from sending you your earnings. If you can’t figure it out, reach out to the company and ask. 

Facebook Gaming Partner List

While there is no official list of Facebook Gaming partners, you can see whether or not a Facebook Gaming streamer is a partner from their profile page. You can also network with people through Discord servers or Facebook groups.


Most people don’t become successful overnight. Growing your channel as a streamer takes a lot of time and energy. Stay focused on having fun and producing great content, and when the time is right, you’ll make it. 

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Facebook Gaming

How to join MLBB Influencer League Global ?




If you’re an aspiring Streamer, an active/established Streamer, or Content Creator, please refer to the details below according to your preferred Platform:


-For The Philippines: 2.000 views per video, 2 hours every livestream & 5,000 followers-

-For Cambodia, Myanmar & Malaysia/Singapore: 1,000 views, 2 hours per livestream, & 2,000 followers

– For the Middle East, Bangladesh, Nepal & India: 3-months of consistent streaming activity with at least 4 streams per week, 2 hours livestream, 2000 followers & 800 views.

– Any other regions that haven’t been mentioned: 500 views, 2 hours per livestream, & 500 followers

Message us in Telegram >

-In line with the changes of Facebook about video expirations for non-level up Streamers, we’ll be requiring ALL streamers to become part of the “Level-up Program” of Facebook first before they can apply in the MIL Family. The implementation will start from July 2021 and onwards.


– At least 4 MLBB related contents in the last 2 months. And a total of at least 10 videos in the last 6 months.

– For PH: 1,000 avg views of the last 10 videos & 5,000 subscribers.

– For EN, MY/SG & KH: 300 average views of the last 10 videos & 3,000 subscribers.

– For MM, PT/ES, TR/Middle East Region: 100 average views of the last 10 videos & 1,000 subscribers.

Message us in Telegram >


+ For Non-PH applicants, – 2 weeks of latest and consistent 1,000 views with at least 10 creative MLBB videos, regardless of your follower count.

+ For PH applicants, – 2 weeks of latest and consistent 2,000 views with at least 10 creative MLBB videos. Aside from that, you should have at least 15,000 followers (lower than this, not qualified).

+Creative MLBB related content. Not just limited to gameplays.

+Good editing skills and original content. Videos can be tutorials, informative stuff about MLBB, and/or entertaining content such as meme-like videos, etc.

+Video contents are preferred to be in vertical form, the standard for Tiktok.

+ Tiktok account must not promote any other gaming competitors and must not have any other gaming content aside from MLBB.

+If you are an MLBB cosplayer, you are entitled to a special privilege.

Message us in Telegram >

TWITCH — Coming soon!Other Streaming Platforms — Soon!

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